The pandemic brought a sudden halt to life, as usual, forcing businesses, schools, and all forms of fun to hide in shut doors, but with the vaccine and advancement in medicine, life has fully returned to normal, and people can catch a glimpse of fun with their favourite stars.

KokoSwap has been a key player in life since post covid and has been a key player in sponsoring real-life events, which previously included the fun-filled “Social Knockout’.

KokoSwap is a one-of-a-kind platform that blends NFT trading and blockchain games to give the entire crypto community an engaging experience, but the…

While there are several blockchain gaming platforms, none combine NFT trades, blockchain gaming, and staking rewards except KokoSwap. KokoSwap is a unique platform that offers the excitement of NFTs, the thrill of blockchain gaming, and the exceptional staking rewards in a single place.

KokoSwap is designed to provide the users with the ultimate NFT gaming experience while simultaneously making trades and enjoying staking rewards. KokoSwap is an automated market maker that allows the exchange of two tokens on Ethereum Blockchain. Users can swap their ERC-20 tokens with fast and low-cost transactions.

However, apart from being an AMM, KokoSwap is an…

The DeFi boom has arrived, and blockchain gaming will reap the benefits. The amalgamation of blockchain and gaming offers vast potential and through research we discovered that the gaming and DeFi communities are two of the most active and largest communities globally. Their members are often tech-savvy, and they follow trends and technical breakthroughs. Consider the synergy of the two industries and their possible applications. This is how blockchain gaming has evolved.

Several platforms have developed their unique blockchain games to cater to the vast market. However, KokoSwap takes the idea of blockchain gaming to the next level by introducing…

Social Knockout was a highly anticipated influencer combat event organized by TK Fight Nights, in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council that was held on July 30 Friday. TK Fight Nights is an MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and KI event organizer, one of Dubai’s pioneers.

The founder of TK Fight Night, Tam Khan, revealed a new event called Social Knockout after taking a brief hiatus from the industry. Social Knockout was the first combat event to accept payment solely in cryptocurrencies and took place at Coca Cola Area in Dubai.

About the Event

Social Knockout marked the boxing debut of a promising young athlete…

Rashed Belhasa’s 1st NFT drop is now exclusively available on the KokoSwap NFT platform. The collection celebrates his lifestyle and boxing debut on July 30th 2021 at the Social Knockout event by TK Fight Night. The NFT collection is designed by NFT director David Zennie from

So, what is the hype about NFTs? Today, NFTs have become a roaring success because of their attractive features of originality and scarcity. NFTs have disrupted the game of selling valuable collectibles by providing a new way for artists to reach their audience.

Step 1: Create a Metamask Wallet (For a detailed guide…

KokoSwap is a one-of-a-kind product that combines the potential of decentralized finance with the enjoyment of NFT gaming. However, to say that KokoSwap is an immersive NFT gaming platform will be reductive as the Koko ecosystem includes a variety of products, including KOKOSTAKE.

KOKOSTAKE is a revolutionary staking platform by KokoSwap that helps users earn passive income by staking their crypto assets. The Koko token transforms KokoSwap into a publicly owned, self-sufficient ecosystem with smooth, secure, and strong governance. The token is used within the ecosystem for all the products such as KokoSwap, KokoAvatar, KokoStake and KokoArcade.

However, one of…

A sign of success and dedication to the customer; a bond between us and our fans, friends and critics. Today, we’re excited to reveal our new and redesigned logo, as we begin to refresh our overall look.


KokoStake is the staking platform of the KokoSwap ecosystem where the users can diversify their income stream by investing and staking their idle funds to get high returns.

KokoStake lets the users stake Ether or KOKO tokens to earn high interest per annum and generate good passive income.

  • Minimum staking period is 1 year. The staking program will run for 2 years.


Use cases of NFTs is extremely diverse. Lately, NFTs have been revolving around digital art. Role playing games is one of the major use case of NFTs which has not been exploited yet. …

Let’s go bananas over KOKO.

The world is adopting decentralization at an ever growing rate. DeFi and NFTs are the new hot topics that are covering all the news.

Introducing KokoSwap, a one of a kind product that combines the magic and wonders of decentralized finance with the excitement and thrill of NFT gaming. KokoSwap is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Ethereum Blockchain. A unique platform which includes exciting and upcoming features of NFT trades and gaming.

KokoSwap is a one-stop place for users to trade, invest, earn, play and win. …


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