King Of The Jungle: KokoSwap’s Celebrity NFT Platform and What’s To Come

2 min readNov 4, 2021


NFTs have been creating a lot of noise in the crypto world recently, as more and more users start exchanging creative assets using blockchain technology. From artists to collectors, NFTs have proven to be a unique tool in establishing ownership over easily reproducible assets.

Essentially, a NFT stores important information about an asset, such as its ownership, rights, and transactions. It can include virtually anything, though digital artwork is at the top of the list of NFT trends.

KokoAvatar: Celebrity NFT Platform

KokoAvatar is a celebrity and invite-only NFT marketplace. Developed as part of the KokoSwap ecosystem, the NFT marketplace features digital assets created by worldwide celebrities and artists. KokoSwap is a unique DeFi ecosystem that offers a variety of features such as NFT gaming, staking, and NFT and crypto trading.

Users can only bid on the NFT collections if they are invited to the platform, making the marketplace extremely exclusive. KokoAvatar has listed various artists, including a famous influencer — Rashed Belhasa, a.k.a. MoneyKicks.

King of the Jungle

Following the debut fight of MoneyKicks at the first edition of Social Knockout, KokoSwap has auctioned off an exclusive NFT by Rashed Belhasa — King of the Jungle. It was the first-ever NFT drop by Belhasa, premiered exclusively on KokoSwap and sold for 79,000 KOKO.

What is to come?

As the second edition of Social Knockout has just taken place on the 15th of October at Coca-Cola Arena Dubai, MoneyKicks has once again won against Ajmal Khan. In addition to that, Jumana Khan walked away victorious in the first-ever female influencer boxing match.

As more exciting NFT collaborations are on the horizon, Koko’s NFT marketplace continues its growth. The platform has recently revealed its gaming teaser, and it promises an epic experience for everyone. Koko Experience is a unique and immersive NFT gaming platform that features customization and rewards.

About KokoSwap

KokoSwap is a unique platform that combines the thrill of NFT gaming with the advanced rewarding functionalities of Decentralized Finance. The platform offers the ability to trade, invest, earn, play, and win with key features such as NFTs, staking platform, and NFT gaming.

KokoSwap has always been proactive in sponsoring various NFT events and has helped several famous artists launch their NFT collections available on an invite-only marketplace. Apart from the NFT marketplace, KokoSwap’s NFT gaming is a great tool to earn $KOKO tokens and generate passive income sources by staking digital assets such as Ether and $KOKO.

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KokoSwap is a unique platform that combines the thrill of NFT gaming with the advanced rewarding functionalities of Decentralized Finance.