2 min readJan 21, 2022

Dear KOKO Army,

This week marks an important milestone for KokoSwap as we hit 100K followers on Twitter and we’d like to thank our KOKO community for their constant support. KokoSwap has entered the NFT game and intends to revolutionize it!

The NFT will lead users on a trip through some of the most unique NFT artworks, which are the first of their type in the world of combat sports. These unique NFTs may be found on KokoSwap’s OpenSea profile. This is only the beginning of Kokoverse!

Team Koko has created an incredible universe that uses both AI and AR to provide a highly immersive experience for gamers all around the world. This NFT is not just extremely valuable; it is also the key to conquering the Kokoverse and using it in-game!

The inaugural collection of the Kokoverse NFT includes one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are genuinely one-of-a-kind. They are not only extremely precious, but they are also the keys to conquering the Kokoverse. With any of these magnificent Kokoverse Avatars, you will stand out among the millions of Koko Warriors all around the world. Select from an exclusive collection of Mid-Tier and Top Tier NFTs, who are extremely uncommon avatars with specific traits, armour, weapons, and talents. Owners of these special NFTS will be able to use them as in-game avatars as soon as the game releases. Kokoverse provides authenticity, combined with value creation, to provide its KOKO ARMY a really great experience.

As the popularity of NFT gaming grows, it will be interesting to watch new possibilities unfold. The future of NFTs and NFT games is still up in the air, with notions like the metaverse looming on the horizon. The emergence of crypto games has been witnessed all around the world, and many have attested to its potential as a secondary source of income. Users will rely significantly on these technologies in the digital future, forming the foundation for a successful future for the NFT business.

About KokoSwap

KokoSwap is a one-of-a-kind platform that blends the excitement of NFT gaming with the superior rewarding features of Decentralized Finance. With important features such as NFTs, the platform allows you to trade, invest, earn, play, and win. For more information about KokoSwap, visit




KokoSwap is a unique platform that combines the thrill of NFT gaming with the advanced rewarding functionalities of Decentralized Finance.